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Hot Wheels RETRO ENTERTAINMENT – 2016 HALO Set OF 5 Plus 2017 Camo Urban Warthog Variation

Toy Vehicle Brand Name: Mattel ©
Toy Vehicle Brand Series Name: Hot Wheels ©  Retro Entertainment
Toy Vehicle Car Manufacture Name: 
Toy Vehicle Description : Hot Wheels RETRO ENTERTAINMENT – HALO Set OF 5 Plus Camo Urban Warthog Variation

This set contains the original 2016 full release of HALO Series:

UNSC Scorpion, UNSC Warthhog, UNSC Gungoose, Banished Wraith, Covenant Ghost

It also has the 2017  Urban Warthog in Camo Variation

Vehicle Scale: 1:64


1 in stock


Item is brand new in original packaging.

Item may show signs of normal wear which may include, light scratches and/or factory created blemishes

MTDCG is not liable for incorrectly positioned tampos/decals, paint defects, wheel/tire defects or any other defects not caught by the production factory.

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